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The invention of French horn was credited to two French men. French horns neither have been invented nor have been modified in France. It's a complicated story that the name "French horn" was created. Since ancient times, horns have been around for century and most people were blown away by their strong role in hunting. Up until the 1500s, horns were taken as an assortment of instruments in musical compositions. Then traditional horns transformed to present-day large and end-flared ones.

On the design used today, Heinrish Stoelzel and Friedrich Bluhmel ought to get most of the credit. Invention of valves also contributed to the distinctive sound of French horns.

Have you ever heard French braid? Looking back to its history, French braids outlived than the state. It's said that the braids are as old as ancient Greek culture, wherein women wore artistic braids. In the mediaeval Europe, many isolated tribes dominated the main melody of the time. At that time, braids were worn by Celtic warriors; they also caught on in the Song Dynasty of Ancient China. Although French braids are a popular and the most widespread hairstyles at present. Why it is so famous for a long time? In 1871, a short story in Arthur’s Home Magazine published the United States. In the story, a husband suggest his beautiful wife to wear a new "French braid". Ever since then, such a hairstyle has connected to France.

The next article epitomize France is the French beret, also known as the French hat. But it is not invented by the French people. As it goes in Biblical, beret was invented by Noak himself when the country he lived in was submerged in flood. On occasion, he found some trampled wool felt in the vicinity of his sheep pens. Then, he cut a piece of felt in the shape a circle. Early in the 1500 BC, beret hat became the most popular hats.

Regardless murky origins of the beret, French shepherds should get the most credits of its widespread. In the 1600s and the 1700s, shepherds working in fields of France took the advantages of wool hats to keep warm. In the 1800s and the 1900s, French berets caught on one again, and the mania was owed to French artists living in the Left Bank region of Paris. By extension, it became popular throughout the whole France.

The reason why berets linked to the France resided in using such hats in the military. Early in the 19th century, French soldiers commenced on wearing berets. At present, berets are also a part of US soldiers' uniforms, which is used to signify ranks and regiments. Similarly, French fries are not French at all, either. Actually, the dish was invented by the Belgians, but "Belgian fries" were hard to pronounce effortlessly. Since the 1600s, Belgian lore indicated that people fried potatoes and gradually were taken as popular treat. Then, villagers cooked potatoes just in the same way of cooking fish. The present-day French fries didn't being found out until World War I.