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Beret Hat Sharer: Making Instructions

One could sew a beret hat or other hats by themselves to participate in a hat party. Following paragraphs are some detailed instructions.

At first, one should prepare some materials and tools, such as Sinamay fabric, clear glue, gloves, hairdryer, marker, hat stiffener, bucket, elastic, glue gun, kettle, plastic bag, etc.

Detailed Instructions:

Sinamay fabric

According to required width, cut two layers for the hat brim. In general, a half meter of Sinamay is enough for the hat crown. This length allows you fold into two layers. Cut a five centimeters wide bias strip, preserving enough seam allowance. It should note that the length should be long enough to wrap the brim of the hat.

Secondly, the two-layer Sinamay cuts should be submerged in stiffener. The agitate the painter roller in the stiffener. Roll the brush over the Sinamay lightly. Covering all surfaces evenly and do not neglect any part of it. Then, it is turn to hairdryer, which could open small holes in the Sinamay fabric. Then, repeat the process if necessary.

Thirdly, submerge the hat crown in boiled water. After the fabric gets wet, take it from water and put it over the block, removing creases out through rubbing it with your fingers. Then elastic bands should be used to keep the crown in place and keep creases away. The bask it in the sun to dry.

After it get dried, peel the Sinamay off the crown block with a round pallet knife. Measure and record the required height. Cut along the marking, keeping it is straight. Repeat the above process to cut the hat brim. Then cut the brim carefully along the contour.

Take the hat wire and cut suitable length for both crown and brim. It would be better to zigzag the hat wire on both edge of hat crown and that of hat brim. Unfold the cut bias strip and you will find a fold line in the middle. Take the outer edge and fold towards the middle line. Sew the bias stripe to the brim. The step is very important and it will affect the outcome of the hat. So many attentions should be paid to the link.

Then all parts should be assembled together. One should place the crown on the brim, so that the position of the crown should be fixed. Mark the position of the crown by a marker and then cut it out. Cut notches in the brim according to the size of crown. It should wrap the crown when it is folded. Attach the crown to the brim with a glue gun.

Adjust the band along the inside the crown, then attach the inner band to the crown by a needle or glue. The curled decoration should be even and flat. When a bow or any other decoration have been accomplished, thread or glue them together.

All above details are practical guidance when someone would like to sew a hat by himself or herself. Thanks for visiting the website.

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