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Crazy Hat Party

I am very glad to make headpieces for special occasions and festivals,  such as Halloween, birthday party, etc. Recently, I have toyed the idea of make some headpieces, such as an uk beret hat, top hat, knit hat and the like. Firstly, I would like to make a top hat. Some supplies of a top hat are as follows:

· Template

· Scissors

· Cardboard

· Felt

· White glue

· Paper

· Embellishments

· Inner band of Hat

Work Flows:

Print the template on paper and then cut if off.

Draw a rectangle about 11.5″ by 3.5″.

Cut the rectangle with scissors or a die-cutter.

Along sides of cardboard cuts, cut off similar pattern onto felt.

Taking the cardboard circle as a template, roll up the large rectangle to the shape of a tube. Mark the inside with a pencil and glue joints  together.

For the purposes of forming a top hat, use normal white glue to attach those foldable bits to the tube. Then try to wear it to see whether it is fit. Please adjust it, if not.

Replace the white glue with hot glue, if you find that it is difficult to glue the brim base. There is no need to pain the whole thing even the inside could be covered totally. Please cover the top hat with tailored felt in the shown manner. Use lines of hot glue to fix the felt on the cardboard in short time firmly. Then cut off excess bits of felt. When it comes to the bottom of the hat, glue the cut circle with the tube together. Then remove excess materials of felt.

Then you will get a top hat. The following matters needed to do is decoration. Ahead of decoration, one need to collect some embellishments, such as papers, feathers, silk flowers, pearls, buttons and the like. I choose some papers as embellishments of hats.

At first, the paper trim should be glued with a hot flue gun. Then, using dabs of hot glue every two centimeters to make a clean look. The red rolled up flower and spiderweb are made by a silhouette machine.

A plastic skull head in the center of the red flower seems more suitable to the festival atmosphere of Halloween. A curved nose pliers may be useful to fix the center of the flower. Tuck the metallic trim as shown.

Plastic bone-looking teeth on the border of the flower. The last thing is to attach the elastic inner band to the top hat with hot glue. Ahead of sewing a top hat, one could not imagine the subsequent. Sometimes, it turns out great as long as you follow suit.

Besides, the top hat could also be worn for other occasions like Thanksgiving Days and Christmas, as long as replace embellishments slightly, such as feathers and acorns for Thanksgiving Days and reindeer antlers for Christmas.

All above are interests involving DIY. There are also other guidance of hats, such as a French hat, a felt hat, a knit hat, etc. Thanks for visiting the website.

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